'Heathers' TV Pilot

(Spoiler free!)
I've already talked about 'Heathers' reboot of the 1988 cult classic and how everything looked good though i didn't have too many expectations out of it. So, the pilot is out now and let me tell you it was... fuck me gently with a chainsaw, it was fantastic!

For a starters, the first few minutes of the show are, without giving away any detail, simply amazing for all those who loved the original Winona Ryder film, and from that on, it continues with the good. The show takes a lot from the movie but it has its own personality. Obviously, it's adapted to modern times but it mainly contains all the elements from the killer film: the Heathers, the lost girl, the tortured love interest. And while at first it seems that the plot leads the same path that followed the movie, there's a nice twist that makes everything better. And that's all i can say without revealing too much.

'Heathers' looks promising, and for those who miss 'Scream Queens' this is definitely a nice show to fill the void with (it even has the same background music). And the 'Mean Girls' lovers will also love it because of the bitchiness of the terrific Heathers and all the pop culture references –that Khloe Kardashian quote really won me over. It has a lot from the original flick, a little bit of 'Scream Queens', 'Mean Girls' and even 'Jawbreaker, so be sure to start watching this show because, isn't it just?

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Gucci's Year of The Dog Collection photographed by Petra Collins

 Gucci has decided to celebrate the New Chinese Year and what better way to do so than to dedicate the 'Year of the Dog' collection with a campaign of hounds and pooches as the models? And who better to photograph them than Petra Collins? Exactly.

The collection is absolutely a treat for dog lovers, as it features some breeds of the clothes and accessories, and as it is a limited edition they better hurry up.

As for the photos, i really loved some of the photographs as i'm a dog lover myself, and i always like the different editorial vibe that Collins gives to her shots, so obviously i had to post these. Check a few more after the cut!


'Heathers TV' Trailer

The reboot of the chick flick classic 'Heathers' into a TV show didn't sound too good at first, but the first trailer is out and it looks real good. It has 'Mean Girls' vibes all over and a bit of touch of the 80s film, and the fact that original Heather is on it as well (Shannen Doherty) makes it all way better. It also has Selma Balir playing one of the Heathers' moms so this can't get any better unless Winona Ryders would make a cameo on it. Also, the fact that they changed the Heathers from three girls to two chicks and a boy it's really something great as it diversifies more the original iconic gang.

The killer reboot premieres on March 7th so let's hope it doesn't disappoint because i love a good highschool dramedy and this one looks badass. Beware of the traielr because it's kinda spoilerish.


Remembering Dolores O'Riordan with 'No Need To Argue'

The news of the sudden death of Dolores O'Riordan, frontwoman of iconic band The Cranberries, shocked everyone who loved the band. Aged 46, she was extremely young which makes it even more sad, while the cause of the death is still unknown to us. But when an artist dies it's his or her art that prevails so at least we have her voice to remember.

When i grew up i loved 'No Need To Argue' and still to this day is one of my favorite albums, so i'm dedicating a post to it because i think it was her greatest work with the Irish band. Because there's no bad song in the entire album, from the smash hit 'Zombie' to full of energy 'I Can't Be With You' to more melodic or in depth songs like 'Empty' or 'Twenty One'. And how to forget the touching 'Ode To My Family', this album is simply perfection from beginning to end.

So, below you can listen to the whole album but after the cut i've added some of my personal favorites that i've mentioned before. Of course, the band has a bunch of other great songs like 'Animal Instinct', 'Dreams', 'Just My Imagination' or so on but this album really made an impact on my teens, so there you have it.


'Black Mirror' ranking all episodes

(Updated with Season 4 episodes - First published on Dec 12, 2016)
Well, i'm finally on the 'Black Mirror' boat and i've binge-watched the whole show in two weeks, and gotta admit you were all right, it's good. And as i've talked about my fave episode, 'Nosedive', it's time to rank them all in my not so humble opinion, always.

So, below i'm listing all the eps, beginning with the ones i liked a lot and ending with the ones i liked less, that is from best to worst. Let's begin!

3x01 Nosedive
I've already talked about it, and having watched the rest, and especially 'San Junipero' -everyone's favorite, 'Nosedive' remains my favorite. Maybe because i didn't expect nothing from it and it amazed me. And because it was wonderful, obviously.

3x04 San Junipero
I liked this ep, i have a heart, but maybe you all talked about it way too much so i expected a lot. And it was beautiful but the hype was too high even though i adored that it's the only episode that has a happy ending. Well sort of. And who doesn't want to end up in  San Junipero for the rest of eternity with their loved ones? I found that it was such a beautiful idea that i can't stop thinking about it. And maybe i have another ep that it's my #1 but this one is so close, so, so close it's practically a tie.

1x01 The National Anthem
Maybe this will surprise many as i've seen that the pilot of the show does not rank high on other people's lists but i actually liked it a lot. Maybe because it was the first one but i loved the idea and the criticism it made of society and the morbid fascination of the viewers no matter what. Something so present nowadays it's sad.

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L'Oréal Elvive commercial starring Winona Ryder and directed by Roman Coppola

 Winona Ryder beautifully stars in the latest L'Oréal Elvive commercial directed by Roman Coppola and it's really gorgeous to see.

Since we don't get to see her face, only the stunning weave, i thought it was Natalie Portman at first, but it's Winona graciously getting ready for a play while her hair looks perfect and beautiful. The logo of the campaign is "Everyone loves a comeback" and that's so accurate when it comes to her as she being back in 'Stranger Things' really put her back on the spotlight. Some have criticized the comparison between her career and damaged hair, but it's just a pun and it's not bashing the actress at all.

Watch the gorgeous commercial below.


Top 13 David Bowie songs

This is just heartbreaking, as many of you probably know, legendary artist, singer, songwriter and actor David Bowie has passed away at the age of 69. His birthday was just three days ago and his loss is something indescribable to everyone who loved his music. And his voice... if there's something i always miss when i lose someone close is that i will never get to hear their voices again and it's something that always strikes me and in this case, when it's someone you've been listening ever since you were a kid, it's something tragic.

Inevitably, i'm making a top 12 of my most favourite songs from him, i'm not going to rank them as they're all fantastic and maybe the ones i'm putting are the obvious choices and others are not the most acclaimed ones, but i grew up seeing him in 'Labyrinth' and as it remains one of my favourite movies there you have them. Seriously, what a loss. Check out the rest after the cut.

Under Pressure

Thursday's Child


Music moments in 'Call Me By Your Name'

Yes, this is another 'Call Me By Your Name' post. But if you've seen the movie, you know the movie is worth a thousand posts. And i'm not going to make any more about it for now, but i had to remark the perfect soudtrack of the film.

From The Psychedelic Furs' 'Love My Way' to the precious songs that Sufjans Stevens' has in the movie, the music is a key element in the film and the final scene with 'Visions of Gideon' by them is something unforgettable. As a i adore those grand music moments in film where a song gives a whole lot of meaning to a specific scene, i could not post this moment, where Elio has to face the reality that him and Oliver are never going to meet again as the lovers they were, and the harsh truth of that. I cannot express with words how grand Chamalet's performance is in that scene but it touches your heart in such a way that i had to post it. And as Sufjan Stevens have released a new video as a soundtrack of the film with 'Mysteries of Love' with gorgeous scenes from the movie, so you can watch it below as well.

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'Call Me By Your Name' (2017)

I can't even begin to express how much i adored this movie. Like, expectations were above the sky and still it didn't disappoint a bit.

Set in the Summer of 1983, Luca Guadagnino's movie is an ode to the first Summer loves, to those aestival times that growing up seemed endlessly but when encountering a lover it all went by so fast. That's the Summer for Elio (Timothée Chamalet), who is already waiting for Summer to end while vacationing with his family in Lombardy (Italy) as they do every year. That is until he meets Oliver (Armie Hammer), an American student who's working as an intern for Elio's father and therefore, he's staying with the family. At first, Elio is curious about the new guest, but soon developes some kind of aversion to him, mocking what he says and questioning anything he does, but at the same time keeping an eye close to him. And despite having a vacation fling with another girl, he soon finds himself attracted to Oliver, who's much older than him and who seems to enjoy his company. And what follows next is a series of small gestures, looks and actions that show little by little how both men are creating something special and as marvelous as it is when two people connect in that sort of way. Looks exchanged, hands that barely touch, feet that caress each other, a series of small moments heavily loaded with intention, but as simple as their two bikes laying on the other.

'Call Me By Your Name' is a joy to watch, not only because the photography is exquisite or because of the beautiful Italian landscapes during the season, but because of the way it portrays the feelings that are blossoming between Elio and Oliver. Maybe it's because of the fading nature of the romance, as they both will depart forever once Summer ends, but the emotions and feelings shown are the most precious kind: honest, true, heartfelt, where everything feels new and exciting and beautiful. And seeing that it overwhelms you in such a way that you are instantly trapped in their extraordinary romance leaving you heartbroken in the end, the way Elio does in that final and epic scene where he's facing the ache of the first broken heart. That ending, with the credits rolling and Sufjan Stevens' song 'Visions of Gideon' sounds while an amazing Thimotée Chamalet cries facing the bonfire is something beyond amazing. Director Guadagnino allows you to cry with him and to witness all his emotions through his face, as Chamalet really transmits everything he's feeling right then, putting and end to the stellar performance he delivers in the movie. Hammer is also really remarkable and extremely charming, and you can feel the chemistry that they have which is beyond amazing, but is Chamalet who carries the whole film.

Besides the two grand performers that the film has, another amazing thing that i adored was Elio's parents (played by Michael Stuhlbarg and Amira Casar), and the beautiful parenting and love that they provide to their son. The acceptance and tolerance of whatever makes their young son happy is something rare to see in that decade and even today, but it's something so precious that really moves you. That, alongside the heavenly portray that the director makes of the family vacation, so accurate with the boredom that Summer often provides, having breakfast, lunch and dinner on the garden, laying on the grass reading or having a swim in a river close by, are among the things that i adored, because Guadagnino really pictures what a Summer in those day was really like.

This movie really wins your heart only to break it into a hundred pieces, but it's so grand and true what you've seen that it stays with you. It might not have become one of my favorite films now but i think in time it will be one of them because it's gorgeous to watch and the familiarity that contains is something you wanna go back to, and i feel that everytime i'll watch it it will leave me the same feeling of having seen a really amazing film.

Below you can see the fantastic photoshoot by Alessio Bolzoni that he did for the movie's poster and after the cut a bunch a stills that i adored from the film. Enjoy!


Drew Barrymore's Throwback for InStyle Magazine

 Drew Barrymore is a sweetheart, i've always liked her, from her spirit free vibe, to her rom-coms, to her everything. The only thing i haven't loved about her or her career has been 'Santa Clarita's Diet' but it's easy to forget about that. But she's always in interesting and fun things so i always keep track of what she's doing.

So, this photoshoot for the February issue of InStyle Magazine where she re-creates old photos of her is fantastic to me. There's no denying that she was the ultimate child actress that went bad and came back from it and her 35 year old career in the spotlight proves it. Maybe she's not a wide range actress but she can deliver and she knows what she's good at. So, as a celebration of that below there are tons of throw back pictures that will make you go nostalgic as she was the cutest kid. And all of that after the cut!