The cast of 'Twin Peaks' for Entertainment Weekly

This is amazing, this photoshoot is entirely outstanding. Because this is no joke, after 25 years it is happening again.

'Twin Peaks' returns in 59 days, less than two months from now and i can't hardly wait. I can't because i think this feels right, because David Lynch had all planned out and it can only be something extraordinary. The iconic 90s show marked a before and after for television and as its gloriousness is still present nowadays in many tv shows, it was only fair to bring it back. Because the fans deserved it and there's a lot to tell coming from Lynch.

The shoot reunites the show's iconic characters, from Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer, Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper and even Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne, my fave character who i definitely didn't expect coming back (as her character *spoiler* died at the end of the second season). But i'm so happy to see them all that i just want it to be May 22th to witness this fascinating thing.

Below i posted the three now iconic covers and after the cut some new stills from the new season and some on set pics, it's nice but sad to see Miguel Ferrer, who played Albert Rosenfield, and who sadly passed away at the beginning of this year, but it's gonna be nice to see his farewell performance, and where better than at 'Twin Peaks'. Check the all out, including David Duchovny back as Agent Denise Bryson, first transgender FBI agent on tv.


Gucci Dreamscape by Petra Collins

Petra Collins has been behind some Gucci campaigns now, and the latest one, Gucci Dreamscape, is absolutely fantastic.

She directs the Spring/Summer 17 film for the eyewear collection and what a marvelous thing. Set in Hungary, Collins' birthplace, the film whisks us to a magic place full of lights, big shades and lots of glitter, and it couldn't be any more gorgeous. It looks like a Moloko-Roisin Murphy music video and that's definitely something amazing. And it doesn't hurt that the collection is absolutely stunning. That whole 70s disco vibe makes a really stunning clothing line and Collins has really captured its whole vibe.

 Watch the super cool film below and more stills of this flamboyant trip after the cut!


Elle Fanning for ELLE UK

Elle Fanning appears on the cover of ELLE UK February issue, and i know i'm late posting this but the shoot is so gorgeous that i simply could not not post it.

There's no need to say that i adore Elle Fanning, i always love the movies she makes and she's really making really wise decisions about choosing roles. She's definitely no sell out. She'd rather do interesting projects that maybe won't be a box office hit than appear in any dumb movie that's gonna make millions, and i really like that about her. She's also super pretty so that helps. And she's got some really great projects coming up: Not only she will re-team with Sofia Coppola in 'The Beguiled' but she's also going to portray Mary Shelley on the screen very soon, and turn into a teen pop sensation in 'Teen Spirit' by Max Minghella. I still have to watch '20th Century Women' and i really can't wait, but in the meantime enjoy this lovely shoot of Elle for ELLE.

More after the cut!


'Bright Lights': Starring Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds

The release of HBO's documentary 'Bright Lights', a look into Hollywood's legend Debbie Reynolds' and her daughter Carrie Fisher's life, had definitely bad timing. Or maybe it was the perfect timing as both mother and daughter passed away within days of each other at the end of December last year, with the documentary scheduled to air during early January 2017. The doc did finally serve to honor both of them following their sudden deaths and it resulted to be the best farewell kiss from them to us. Because what we can find in 'Bright Lights' is the ultimate tribute to those two one of a kind ladies.

 I personally wasn't much aware of Debbie Reynolds' life, i knew more about Carrie Fisher's as she had trouble in the past with drug abuse and mental illness but what really surprises you about the documentary is the special bond they both had. In one hand, Reynolds' is a joy of a person, very sweet, kind and charismatic and in the other hand there's Carrie, who's unique personality stands out. And as she says, she has become a mother to her own, aging mom. And while Debbie Reynolds shines through the doc even though she was not feeling her best, what really stands out is Carrie Fisher's persona. Her humor and thoughts about life, her openness about struggling with maniac depression, the stories she tells, is simply something fascinating to hear. And you can tell that everyone around her is aware and really appreciative of that. 

But not everything is joy and fun, we witness the decay of Debbie Reynolds' health, to the point that somedays she cannot film the documentary as expected, as well as how difficult it was for her to simply attend the SAG Awards where she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The struggle and concern of Carrie making sure that everything was going to be alright for her mom to feel comfortable, was a scene that breaks your heart. Because you saw her breaking down at the fact that her mom's star was slowly fading away and what a terrible loss that was going to be for her, obviously.

Fisher also teaches us a lesson in life as we see some old footage of her tenderly taking care of her father Eddie Fisher, despite practically abandoning his kids to be with Elizabeth Taylor. And even though he was a nightmare to Carrie during her teens, she was forgiving at the end and took great care of him before passing away.

This is a must-watch documentary for anyone who admired both thespians, and even if you didn't it's a great thing to see. Because their view of life and positivity is amazing, and their stories and talks are something i would listen to for years. But, even though the timing was not the best, it's the greatest way of saying goodbye to these two amazing women, both in their unique, different ways, and it's a joy to see.

Check out some gems of the documentary after the cut and more at the source. 


Jude Law for Prada Spring/Summer 2017

 Jude Law is the man of the hour, or at least he should be. There's no need for me to praise even more his performance on the fantastic show by Paolo Sorrentino, 'The Young Pope'. But he's stellar in there, better than ever. And of course, he always has been good. He was amazing in 'Gattaca', he was annoyingly awesome in 'Closer', he was good in 'Cold Mountain', but nothing like him playing Pius XIII.

Anyway, he now stars as the face of Prada for the Men's Spring/Summer 2017 campaign and i had to post these ads because he looks amazing on them. It's funny because i've never been too keen on Jude Law despite considering him attractive, because he is, but now he just fascinates me. I guess Lenny converted me.

You can see a few more ads at the source but enjoy this fine man below.

sources: fashionisto


'Picnic at hanging Rock' TV Series

I literally had no idea about this but Foxtel announced last year that they will turn the dreamy movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' into a six episode mini series and i'm super excited about it.

The 1975 Australian film will have a tv adaptation in the Aussie TV channel (as the novel and the movie are both from Australia) and the series will take after the 1967 novel by Joan Lindsay about the mystery of the disappearance of three schoolgirls during a Valentine Day picnic. The movie adaptation served as inspiration to Sofia Coppola in 'The Virgin Suicides' as many like to say (even though the film has a lot from Jeffrey Eugenides' novel, its whole vibe and mood) but i will definitely watch it. And to add even more excitement about it, Natalie Dormer will star as an English Headmistress so this tv series is going to be great.

The show it's in early stages of production but will premiere sometime in 2017 but this already sounds so good that i can't wait for it. In the meantime, here you have some gorgeous stills of the original movie, which is really pleasurable to the eye to watch, but not as great as Sofia Coppola's debut film. But it's worth watching anyway. Check out the pretty stills of the movie after the cut!


The men of 'Moonlight' for Calvin Klein

 The beautiful and talented men of Academy Award winner for Best Picture 'Moonlight' are starring in the latest Calvin Klein  Spring/Summer campaign and they couldn't have chosen better male models. Not only this cast was amazingly great in the movie, but it's also one hell of a gorgeous looking essemble. And here's the proof.

All four male co-stars, Mahershala Ali, Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders and young Alex R. Hibbert, pose gorgeously in Calvin Klein suits and Calvin Klein underwear, with Trevante Rhodes looking especially amazing in his ads, and young man Alex R. Hibbert looking cool and sweet at the same time.

 So check all the ads after the cut, some might be NSFW in the sense of having a fine looking man in underwear. Enjoy the beauty!


89th Annual Academy Awards 2017

 The Academy Awards were last night and what a mess the Best Movie announcement was but i'm so glad that 'Moonlight' won because it totally deserved it. Sure it deserved many other awards like Best Cinematography but well, at least it got the biggest award of the night. Don't get me wrong, i liked 'La La Land' but it's not as flawless, emotional and mesmerizing as 'Moonlight' was.

Anyway, apart from that, i was sad that despite Emma Stone did really great in 'La La Land', Isabelle Huppert didn't get the Best Actress award as she was more than amazing in 'Elle' and her performance outshines Stone's. But sadly, it was something that we all knew would happen so no surprises there. And about the rest, i think 'Arrival' deserved more recognition but i really haven't seen that many movies yet so i can't really comment on that.

But let's talk about the dresses! Surprisingly, there hasn't been many great looks on the red carpet this year and that sucks but below i posted the few ones i liked best and also some looks from the after parties because this year the ladies didn't get it right, unlike Huppert who was exquisite in Armani Privé  (the best one for me). Check out the rest after the cut!


'SKAM' Season 3

I finally watched Season 3 of 'Skam' and even though (i think) it has been everyone's favorite, and despite being better than the mess that Season 2 was, i still liked Season 1 sooo much better. Because, as i've said before, it didn't focus way too much on just the main couple and let everyone else shine as well, so it's a shame. But still, S3 was good and i understand the hype it had.

S3 turned out to be really nice with the lovestory of Isak and Even and i liked it because it showed how good friends are good friends by being accepting of their friends. Isak was scared to come out to everyone because he feared that he was going to get rejected by his pals, but once he did, everyone took it well and naturally as it should be. It's a shame that people nowadays have to struggle with that but sadly it is the way it is. I also liked the conversation between Jakob and Eskild about misconceptions of gay people that even Jakob had, and i liked how Eskild put him in his place.

I loved his parents' reaction to him coming out to him and i also liked how they treated the subject of religion and homosexuality, as the amazing Shana explained to Isak that it's not an incompatible thing, and that God loves us all.

So, as it seems that the show will continue to use this formula of only focusing on the main characters, let's hope that season 4 will be all about Vilde or Shana, because they should have appeared more and they're both badass girls. According to reports, season 4 is going to premiere sometime this Spring so we won't have to wait too much to find out. In the meantime, there are some of the best scenes this season had. After the cut!


Ashton Sanders, breakout star

 To say that 'Moonlight' fascinated me, is an understatement. It really blew my mind. And out of everything that was mind-blowing in the movie, there's Ashton Sanders, who really stands out in a cast that is completely stellar.

Sanders probably plays the most difficult part of Chiron's life, his teenage years, and you can feel his struggle through the screen. He perfectly expresses every emotion without saying a word, physically speaking, and that's what makes his performance so grand and obviously, he's been getting a lot of praise.

So, as i loved him there i'm posting two fantastic photoshoots of the 20-year-old actor as he looks amazing in these. I'm sure we will be seeing more of him in a near future because, how could we not.

sources: dazed & wmag